Success Summit

09:00 AM


Pick up your badge, grab your morning beverage, connect with new and familiar faces and visit our exhibitors.

10:00 AM

Opening Remarks with Emcee Casey O’Roarty & Organizer Julie Fry

by Casey O’Roarty – Emcee 

  Casey will be getting you set up for success for the day and we'll lead you in a "getting to know you" exercise

10:30 AM

How To Stop Living Month To Month As A Small Business Owner

by Danetha Doe 

Learn how these three simple money tasks, done daily in under 10 minutes, can drastically improve your business.

11:00 AM

PrioritY: How to Get More Done By Doing Less

by Katy Blevins Calabrese 

Katy Blevins Multitasking. That one tricky buzzword that everyone is itching to slap at the top of their resumé. The magical key that unlocks all of your professional superpowers and your ability to “have and do it all.” Simultaneously. What if you discovered that it didn’t exist? That’s right, multitasking is a complete and total myth. An impossibility. We’ll explore why it doesn’t work, and why the new buzzword is “prioritization.” Let’s do more by doing less. Priority, party of one? Yes, that’s us. Right here!

12:30 PM

#ProfitGoals: Designing and Scaling a Business that Changes Your Family

by Natalie Eckdahl – Keynote Speaker 

Natalie Eckdahl   No matter where you are on your business journey whether you are just starting out or growing a 7 Figure business, you will walk away with insights and something new to focus on.

01:30 PM

Title: 3 Ways To Make Email the HUB of Your Marketing Strategy

by Rebecca Pollard 

Rebecca Pollard
Did you know email is the only channel where you own your audience? Social, paid, organic - they’re all dependent on a third party algorithm that could change at any second. Find out how to make email the center of your marketing strategy so that you can maintain those personal, one-to-one relationships that are the foundation for your brand - and increase revenue!

02:00 PM

How to Create a Social Media Sales Funnel

by Sarah Frink 

Sarah Frink Are you spending valuable time each week on social media but not seeing an uptick in business? Social media has become a POWERFUL platform for businesses and business owners to connect and engage with their ideal clients; however, for it to truly be effective you must think beyond just posting. You have to get strategic! In my signature talk I walk business owners through the consumer buying stages on social media, provide a detailed understanding of buyers’ behavior and what type of content can advance clients through the various stages of the sales funnel. Some businesses will never sell on social media but if they have a strategy in place to convert strangers to visitors, visitors to followers and followers to leads they can ultimately create a sales funnel that turns converts to paying clients and raving fans.

03:30 PM

Secrets of Six Figure Entrepreneurs – Panel Discussion

by Amy Lang  , Sarah Schneider  , PJ Hanks  , Nikki Rausch  ,

  Meet several business owners from within the Business Among Moms community that have six figure businesses. This discussion will be moderated by Sarah Schneider and you'll leave with new ideas around mindset, scheduling, goal-setting and discipline.

04:30 PM

Hosted Networking Reception

Mix and Mingle with new connections and familiar friends during our hosted cocktail reception.

06:30 PM

VIP Mastermind Dinner

Purchase a VIP ticket and join us for the afterparty.  We will be hosting a dinner with the speakers and YOU.  Spend time with the speakers discussing your specific business challenges in our mastermind session