How to Get More Done By Doing Less with Katy Blevins

As part of our Facebook Live Series on Business Among Moms we are chatting with our speakers for the upcoming BAM Success Summit conference.

Katy Blevins Calabrese is a productivity powerhouse.  As the co-founder of Modern Femme, Chapter Leader for Hampton Roads Business of Moms,  Speaker and mother of 4 (including two 5 year old twin boys) she leads a busy life.

Learn how she gets more done by doing less in our Facebook Interview

How To Get More Done By Doing Less

How to Get More Done By Doing Less with Katy Blevins

Posted by Business Among Moms on Friday, March 10, 2017


Katy is one of our phenomenal speakers at the upcoming BAM Success Summit in Bellevue, WA on May 19th.  Early bird ticket sales end March 30th.  See the full schedule and get more details at

Life Design Exercise


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein.

I love suggesting this great exercise to test a dream or new idea.


Step one:  Allow yourself to picture your business or professional life with a magic wand.

A. Make a quick list of all the ideas you have for a picture perfect world. What would you be spending your time on? How much time?

B. Write a paragraph or two that tells the story of this perfect world. I am working with my perfect clients helping them to _______ .


Step two:  Pretend you are one to two years into the dream. Lay out, in a weekly calendar format, the time blocks of this perfect life. When you would get up. What day(s) you would meet with your clients. What day(s) you would set aside to create your product or content.  Make a quick list of all the ideas you have for a picture perfect world. What would you be spending your time on? How much time?

A. Color code the time block by category; add up the time spent in each category.

B. Do a second version coming from a different idea angle of “what if.” Add up the time spent per category.


Step Three:  Step back and look at this ideal, imagined life. What do you think?

A. Do you get revved up?

B. What would you tweak?

This exercise lets you use your gift of imagination to reverse engineer the steps to get the dream.


Christina Marie Kimball of Artful Thinking will be talking about how to design your time at the BAM Success Summit.  Christina Marie’s background includes founding five successful ventures including a business consulting firm, a design firm, art studios and a restaurant. Christina Marie also has extensive experience in leading organizations in institutional settings as well as executive level work in the hospitality and entertainment worlds.

How To Do It All Without Going Crazy

How To Do It All

Well, first off, this is not going to be a lesson in exhaustion. Not a lesson on how to set a timer for 20 minutes for each activity so you can do it all.

This is a lesson in having it all, doing it all but only doing the stuff you want to do. And in order to only do the stuff you want to do you gotta get clear on what you don’t want.

That’s the hard part.

You may KNOW what you don’t want to do….but, you don’t know HOW to not do those things.

We are women for God’s sake, we are capable of so much, multi tasking, whether it is folding laundry while talking on the phone, or cooking dinner with a babe on the hip or building an empire while….




You can’t do it all and do it all well.

That’s another big point of clarity.

Building an empire and being great at everything else takes planning, takes discipline and takes owning what you really want.

Yes, planning and discipline, how about from this point forward you think of those two things as the KEYS to your FREEDOM.

You see, when you first decide what you want, what jazzes you, then it is easy to say NO to stuff that doesn’t matter…the committee, the 2 dozen cupcakes for the classroom, the laundry even.

When you have discipline to follow through on saying NO more often, it is so easy to say YES to the empire building.

And what is building an empire gonna get you?





All the stuff you really want.

Think about it. What does FREEDOM mean to you?

What would having an extra 8, 10, 16 thousand a month mean to you and your family?

What would if feel like for you to LIVE OUT your potential, your calling?

And what does having more TIME to do the things you love mean?

You can have it all, you can do it all…

The key word here is ALL.

And only ALL the things that jazz you up!


So my dear, fabulous friend…what gets you all jazzed up?

If you found a genie bottle and could rub it and have whatever you wanted…what would that be?

What would your release? What clutter in your life would you get rid of?

Yeah, clutter…the mental kind, the physical kind, the people kind and the good ole in your closet kind of clutter?

How would this allow you to have it all, do it all and build an EMPIRE?

We do not have to do it all in order to feel whole, worthy, deserving….that is so 1985. We are at a point in women’s development were we can focus on what we are great at and hire the rest out.

Yeah, build an EMPIRE and hire someone to do the laundry, clean the house, buy the 2 dozen cupcakes you need for school, send out emails, do ALL the stuff that you don’t like to do, maybe even hate to do.

What would that look like in your life?

AND how could you enjoy that guilt free?

Guilt free EMPIRE building. Now that jazzes ME UP!



  1. What don’t you want to do anymore (be honest no one is looking at your paper)
  2. What clutter can you throw out, delegate away, prune etc etc etc?
  3. What is one thing you can say NO to today? (call up Sally and say you are sorry, but you realize you don’t actually have time for the committee or the 2 dozen cupcakes)
  4. What jazzes you up? What do you secretly long for, wish for, pray for?
  5. What is the #1 thing in your way of having it all or doing it all?
  6. What kind of empire do you want? (big or small doesn’t matter—in an empire YOU get to be the queen of your life)


Guest Post: Success Summit speaker, Mary Bicknell, Speaker, Author, Success & Biz Coach for women entrepreneurs and business owners. Working 3 days a week while earning well over 6-figures, she does this so she can hang out with her two favorite people; River, her 8 year old snaggly toothed daughter and her dreamboat hubby, John. Mary considers herself a tomboy diva because she loves her heels AND her hiking boots. Whether it is marching for women’s rights in Washington D.C. or teaching on a Google Hangout, Mary takes a stand for women being BOLD & BRAVE enough to live out their own extraordinary life, building their own mini-empires–guilt free.  Find her at