Why Attend the Success Summit?

Do you have a business idea, but unsure of the next steps to get started? Would you like a mini MBA course on Marketing, Branding, PR and Sales? Are you unsure which Social Media platforms are right for your business? Learn how to identify the profit drivers in your business. Have access to the best resources for small business owners in one place? Build your network and connect with other female entrepreneurs. Come get your learn on at the BAM Success Summit! You can access the Training Videos from the Success Summit and grow your network in the Private Facebook Group.

Making Your Major…Minor: Decreasing Marketing Frustrations

So you think marketing is complicated? It doesn’t have to be.  Oftentimes, we treat marketing as a greater problem, blowing it out of proportion and exaggerating the challenges which usually stops us from actually executing.  We say things like “it’s overwhelming,”  “I don’t have the budget,” or my all-time favorite, “I don’t have the time”, when […]

My Journey to Podcasting

My mom tells stories of losing sight of me at the beach, “we wouldn’t know where you were,” she says, “and then we would look for the biggest group of kids and you would be right in the middle of them, planning the next game.” I have always been a teacher, a connector of people.  […]